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The Start-Up Club is the best $50 bucks you’ll ever spend to get your coaching or consulting business off the ground.

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Don’t try figure it out on your own

Starting a coaching business is exciting! Not knowing how to get clients or make money is annoying. Don’t waste months, or years of your life trying to figure it out on your own. 

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Work smarter not harder

You’re not starting a business to hustle and grind. You’re starting a business to impact lives. Don’t make the same mistakes most coaches make. Charging by the hour and creating cheap programs no-one wants to buy is a bad idea.

Grow your business in record time and start coaching
clients in the next few weeks!

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Build a coaching or consulting business that sets you free.

The Best $50 Bucks You’ll Ever Spend To Get Your Coaching Business Off The Ground
For just $50 a year your membership includes:


Plan For Profit

A masterclass on how to make money as a high-value coach consultant or expert. In module 1 you will:

  • Set your goals
  • Crunch your numbers
  • Build your business model
  • Unlock the fast path to your income goals
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Create Programs That Sell

Attract more clients by creating high-value programs your clients will love to buy. Module 2 includes:

  • How to position yourself as high-value
  • 7 program models that are easy to sell
  • Marketing secrets that increase conversions
  • Insider tips on what to charge
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The 3 Plans You Need

Build a business that sets you free instead of sends you broke or burns you out with this powerful planning system.

  • The Life Plan
  • The Marketing Plan
  • The Strategic Plan On A Page
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7 Steps to 6-Figures

Crack the code on earning more, working less and loving life with The Seven Effects proven 7 Step methodology.

  • The 7 Elements of Lifestyle Business
  • A step by step approach to $10K months
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From Struggling Start-Up To
6-Figure Success

Most of the women in our community start with small numbers and modest goals in mind. They just want to get their first client, or sell their first program. In the beginning the thought of charging $500, or $900 for their services feels like a lot.

We’ll teach them how to:

  • Plan for profit
  • Create programs that sell
  • Position themselves as the go to expert in their field

As a result the women in our community who once thought $500 was a lot of money build businesses that bring in $10,000 to $50,000 a month… and for some it’s even more!