Freedom Fest is much more than a 3-day Retreat, it is a powerful planning system that will transform the way you work and live. Plus it's followed by an entire year of accountability coaching to keep you from burning out.









The Seven Effect
stop burning out

Freedom Fest

The 3-Day Planning Retreat for Business Owners who want to stop burning out and start breaking free.

Earn More | Work Less | Love Life

November 24th – 26th  | 
Stamford Grand Glenelg

There are three plans every business owner needs if they want to avoid burnout and break free. A Life Plan, Marketing Plan & A Strategic Plan - Freedom Fest gives you the time, space and tools you need to create them all.


Day 1 The Life Plan

Get your life back! Reverse engineer your big hairy audacious goals with a life planning system that gets results.

Session 1
Design Your Dream Life with Jodie Nevid - The Seven Effect
Session 2
Achieve Your Impossible Goals with Jodie Nevid - The Seven Effect
Session 3
Unleash The Hero Within with Jodie Nevid - The Seven Effect
Session 4
Slow Down The Biological Burn with Remedy Johnson - Remedy Bliss

Day 2 The Marketing Plan

Position your business as the leader of your industry and build a marketing plan that puts you front-of-mind for your ideal client.

Session 1
Position Yourself As The Expert with Jodie Nevid - The Seven Effect
Session 2
Create A Highly Connected Community with Jen Watson - Roaming Zen
Session 3
Build Your Brand Story with Jodie Nevid - The Seven Effect
Session 4
Attract A Massive Following with Kelly Noble - Glam Adelaide

Day 3 The Strategic Plan

Grow your business the low effort high reward way. Build a strategic plan on a page that creates focus, improves productivity and increases profitability.

Session 1
Grow The 80/20 Way with Jodie Nevid - The Seven Effect
Session 2
Develop A Money Mindset with Toni Everard - Toni Everard Coaching
Session 3
Build A Funnel That Sells with Danielle Arkit - Social Media Supermum
Session 4
Build Better Relationships To Make More Sales with Clint Adams - Waterpro

Stop The Hustle & Grind
Working Harder Isn't Smarter

It might be a cliche but it's true if you fail to plan you plan to fail. Beneath this unassuming little saying is a nugget of truth, so obvious, yet so over looked, it's the #1 reason business owners burnout or go broke.

Let's be honest, business owners suck at separating themselves from their work. Instead of their business being the ticket to freedom they hoped it would be, it becomes a beast that eats them alive.

If your business has taken over your life, it's time to STOP what you're doing and START making plans...

...the right plans.

The three plans every business owners must have are:

  1. The Life Plan
  2. The Marketing Plan
  3. The Strategic Plan.

Put them together and you have the Ultimate Freedom Planning System.

Basically, what we are trying to say is if you don't have these three plans in place, you're fucked!

Get unfucked

Your Freedom Fest
is much more than a 3-day Retreat, it is a powerful planning system that will transform the way you work and live. Plus it's followed by an entire year of accountability coaching to keep you on track.

Freedom Fest is not a talkfest, its everything you need to get your business and life back on track AND the time and space to implement it.

Your ticket includes:

  • 3 days of hands on business and life planning workshop with award-winning lifestyle entrepreneur and business coach Jodie Nevid

  • 5 transformational masterclasses with experts in their field who are famous for their results

  • 10 months of live group coaching with master business and life coach, Jodie Nevid, to keep you on track with your plans

  • 10 months of live Q&A in 2022 to keep you connected with and learning from the Freedom Fest experts

  • Life-time membership to Freedom Fest™ 2021 Online with recorded replays of the masterclasses and planning workshops (so you can re-watch the moments that change everything)

  • The business-changing Freedom Fest™ planning toolkit with downloadable templates for life, leadership and business

  • The Ultimate Freedom Planning System

  • The Epic Freedom Fest™ Goodie Bag

  • Delicious healthy meals and snacks to keep you energised throughout the event

PLUS you get lifetime membership to all the goodies online. We'll never boot you out of our community or restrict your access to the content, we want you to absorb and then implement everything. No cramming,  no stressing, absorb each lesson deeply, plan properly, and execute with ease.


AND if you purchase your ticket before October 19th 2021, you'll go into the draw to win over $7,500 worth of luxury accommodation and 12 months of private coaching that will upgrade every area of your life and business.

stop burning out

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Freedom is not a four-letter F word. It's time to shamelessly pursue it

We know what it's like to work long hours, be responsible for 'all the things', and struggle on your own as you try to get ahead. You're not alone. Who better to teach you how to reverse engineer your own freedom and happiness than people who have managed to do exactly that?

And if you've been on the hamster-wheel of hopelessness for so long you can't even imagine designing your own dream life yet, let alone helping you change your business so it delivers you that life, we can help with that too.

It all starts with a plan that sets you free.

With the leadership of Jodie Nevid, The Seven Effect has helped thousands of women just like you create a life with bold business, financial freedom, and as a leader of your movement.

Over three game changing days Freedom Fest gives you everything you need to earn more, work less and start flipping loving your own life.

stop burning out

Break out...

of that gilded cage

of your routine

the bubbly

It's time to rethink the way you work and live, because being tied to your work is so last year.

STOP burning out

Forge your way to Freedom 3 simple steps

  • Step 1

    Join the Movement

    Book your Freedom Fest ticket and join the movement toward a smarter way of business and life.

  • Step 2

    Create Your Plans

    Take a three day break from the busyness and map out the plans for the new year.

  • Step 3

    Find Your Freedom

    Enjoy the rewards of earning more, working less and loving your life.

Working with Jodie to create my plans has completely changed my life and grown my business.

Freedom Fest

  • VIP 3 Day In Room Festival

    Be one of only 150 busness owners to experience the magic of being in the room and getting up close and personal with our community of experts and entrepreneurs.

    * Numbers are strictly limited to ensure there's space to go ahead if restriction stick around.

    3 easy payments of $400

  • The Ultimate 3 Day Experience

    Get the best of all worlds with The VIP In Room Festival plus a ticket to party with us at the Freedom Awards Gala Dinner and disco night.

    * Freedom Awards is a night of celebrating the life and business achievements of Australian Entrepreneurs.

    3 easy payments of $450

  • Live Stream 3 Day Broadcast

    Our 100% COVID proof option with no travel required. We ship the goodies to your door and you tune in live from the comfort of your own space.

    *Includes all the good stuff from the VIP Experience except the up close in room bits.


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  • Freedom Awards Gala Dinner

    Nominated for a Freedom Award? Or love to party with people who make big things happen in business and life? Get your ticket to the Freedom Awards now.

    * There are only 200 ticket in total to the Freedom Awards so book early to avoid heart break.

    Scroll down to learn more about the Freedom Awards and get nominating.


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Nominations for the Freedom Awards are now closed.
The Freedom Awards celebrate the success of Australian entrepreneurs in life and business.

Come celebrate and party with the people who make big things happen in business and life.

Want to know more about Freedom Fest or Freedom Awards email [email protected]

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It's true money can't buy happiness...but freedom can

Join the revolution

stop burning out

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