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Design your dream life, build your dream business.

It’s time to show up - because life shouldn’t be lived by default

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The Seven Effect is bootcamp for you dreams.

This is the way forward.

The way to get off the work treadmill and out enjoying the real world instead.

The way to find and work with women who light you up, propel you forward, and support your biggest, wildest dreams.

The way to re-structure your life so you’re spending less time working and more time doing… whatever it is you love to do!

And, best of all, still bringing in as much profit as you always have –
and then some.

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Sounds like a whole lot of BS, right?

Like it's impossible?


There actually is a way to make this happen, and it depends entirely on you taking the first step.

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Life is about choices

Sure, you might have had passing thoughts about what it might feel like to only work a couple of days a week but then you’ve parked the idea because you only seem to be successful when you’re working (what feels like) eight days a week.

We get it. We’ve been there, too.

Modern life still seems stacked against working women, and we’re all trying to balance our businesses and family and study and health and social lives.

But if you’re ready to buck the trend, to take control of your life, to make money, to make time…
we’re ready too.

Hi, I'm jodes!

More lifestyle entrepreneur than business coach.

More “fairy godmother” than whip-cracker.

And far more interested in designing a life you love than adding a whole bunch of tasks to your To Do list.

Goal setting geek? Yes, I’m that too. Because there’s nothing more motivating than taking the first step and seeing it pay off.

If you’re interested in becoming ‘unstuck’ and renegotiating the terms of your life, I’m dedicated to helping you figure out a way forward, all while bringing in the kind of profit that will support the existence of your dreams!

I know building a business is the way for women, like you, to forge your own freedom and live a life by design – a life exactly as you’ve always wished it could be.

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Yesterday, you said, “maybe tomorrow”

Guess what?

Your future is waiting for you to do it now.

Designed for businesswomen that are ready to take the next step in their lives – achieving true balance.

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Building a business will change your life

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Academy

If you’re reading this, nodding your head a bit, you already know building a business is the way you’re going to change… everything.

We don’t need to convince you that investing in yourself and transitioning to becoming your own CEO is the way forward, but we do need to let you know:

You’re exactly who we’re looking for.

We only take 50 women a year through our signature program and we aim to welcome only the most dedicated and switched-on coaches, consultants, or expert service providers to the Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Academy.

We want women who have the courage to wildly love their lives.

…you’ve built the most amazing
community, this is the place I come
to get cheered up and cheered on…

This movement is yours.
And it’s now.

Financial freedom | Zero hustle | A life you are wildly in love with

November 24th – 26th
| Stamford Grand Glenelg
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You know how they say there’s a book in everyone?

What if there was a business in everyone? Even you?

If you often catch yourself wondering, “could I sell this?”, “how could I monetise this” or dreaming about quitting your day job and doing your own thing… this podcast is for you.

You Could Start Business Doing That!

a fresh, new podcast on making money doing what you love.

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