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Working with The Seven Effect has been nothing short of inspiring. They have taken me from dreamer to doer and are just simply amazing ladies to work with. I give them 10 out 10! Oncde they helped me get past my fear I invoiced over $120,000 in my first 6 months.

Rosie Bartlett,
Founder Mindseye Training
& Consulting

...working with Jodie and her team is the best decision I’ve ever made...

Do Work & Life On Your Terms.

If you can solve problems and get results, you can become a successful 6-figure coach , consultant or expert.

Life's too short to stay trapped in a job you don't love. Make the shift from employee to entrepreneur by turning your talent into a 6-figure coaching or consulting business that sets you free.

Get off the treadmill. Do work and life on your terms.

Let us show you how.


The World Has Changed And So Can You.

Who says life needs to revolve around...

  •  Reporting to a boss
  •   Working Monday to Friday
  •   Long hours in the office
  •   Peak hour traffic
  •   Asking for permission to take holidays
  •   Missing sports days
  •   No time for you
  •   Busyness and exhaustion

Kick that stuff to the curb and discover a less conventional approach to working and living.

Design the life of your dreams and build a coaching and consulting business that sets you free.

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Life is about choices

We know you've thought about quitting your job and starting a business. You've dreamed about a life that;s footloose and financially free...

...but then you dismiss it like a silly pipe dream.

And resort to 'trying' to feel happy when all you really feel is trapped.

We get it. We've been there too.

The women we help become successful 6-figure coaches all start where you are now.

  • Wrestling with self doubt
  • Confused about what to do first
  • Scared of selling themselves and struggling to get clients
  • Wondering if they've really got what it takes to succeed

But they did it and so can you... Change begins with a choice.

Make a choice to buck the trend, take back control and turn your talent into a business that will set you free.

Hi, I'm Jodes!

A lifestyle entrepreneur who values freedom and fun over hard work and hustle. I've spent the best part of my life making great money doing what I love.

But I haven't always been footloose and financial free. In my mid 30s, after a relationship break up, I shut down my businesses and got a 'real job'.

At first I loved the secure salary but after a few years it felt like a trap. The free spirited entrepreneur I once was became stressed out single mum stick in survival mode.

I wanted my life back so I decided to quit my job and start a business. I wanted a business that would allow me to...

  • Work 3-days a week
  • Make 6-figures a year
  • Take school holidays off
  • Travel overseas every year (it was pre COVID)

These four dot points became my blueprint and in 2014 I launched The Seven Effect. Back then my mission was to help working mums achieve their personal goals and get their life back.

Today the #1 goal I work on with mums is building a business where they can make 6-figures a year on their own terms.

If you've got a business in you, let's bring it to life.

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You know how they say there’s a book in everyone?

What if there was a business in everyone? Even you?

If you often catch yourself wondering, “could I sell this?”, “how could I monetise this” or dreaming about quitting your day job and doing your own thing… this podcast is for you.

You Could Start Business Doing That!

a fresh, new podcast on making money doing what you love.

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Being part of The Seven Effect community has changed my life. I'm making more money and having more fun than I ever have!

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